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What is Governor? What are Main types Of Governor

What is governor : Governor could be a form of robot that is usually wont to verify and regulate the speed of the engine to the specified level. it's a selected feedback system used wherever is that the got to management variation of load gift within the system. the most purpose of the governor is to manage the flow of fuel into the engine to keep up a relentless speed therefore typically it's referred to as speed electric circuit. once the load of Associate in Nursing engine will increase the speed of engine decreases and the other way around once the load on engine decreases speed of engine will increase. this can be wherever governors play a vital role to extend or scale back the fuel flow to engine in line with the necessities.

What is Governor Main types Of Governor
Different Types Of Governor

Types Of Governor:

The Governors are mainly are two types i.e Centrifugal Governor and Inertia Governor. These two governor are further divided into following types according to their design. 

1. Centrifugal Governor 

Centrifugal Governor work only centrifugal force and change in speed are responsible for controlling the actions. It widely used due to the variety of applications and mostly preferred when balance on the masses is needed in the operation.

Working Principle:

As the name Centrifugal Governor work on Centrifugal force.

Centrifugal Governor Applications:

1. It limits the rotation speed in the internal combustion engine of automobile and keep it controlled according desired speed.
2. It is used to control speed of turbine shaft in Hydro-electric power plant.
3. Centrifugal governors are also used to control speed of mechanical music box.

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Types Of Centrifugal Governor: The Centrifugal Governors are classified into two types.

1. Pendulum type Governor:
Watt Governor is a pendulum governor according to their design.

2. Watt Governor:
It is oldest and simplest type of Centrifugal governor. Previously it was used by James watt in his steam engine.

2. Inertia Governor:

Inertia governor is different from the centrifugal governor. Combination of angular and centrifugal force is used to control the position of the balls (Mass) as well as operation of the Governor. Since it is not very popular, it is preferred when a rapid response is the main concern.

Working Principle

It works on the principle of movement of inertia due to both centrifugal and inertia force.


1. It is used in the steam turbine to control and maintain desired speed of the turbine when load increase or decrease during working
2. It is used in a diesel engine to control speed of the engine at a  particular set point.
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